Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation Welcomes Transfer Students

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Today, when parents have choices on where to send their children to school, you will want to consider Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation.

A student’s parent had this to say about their recent transfer to Tippecanoe Valley, “My student needed a smaller and more connected school community to help him deal with anxiety about school. We didn’t realize how big the benefits of this transition and transfer would be. The school community knows his name and his family. He feels like he belongs and just the setting alone in the rural area feels more peaceful and like home to him. I would suggest parents who are looking for educational opportunities that are unique, progressive, and a school district that cultivates a caring family culture, consider Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation.”


If interested in learning more about Tippecanoe Valley High School, Tippecanoe Valley Middle School, Mentone Elementary, Akron Elementary or the transfer process, call 574-598-2146 or email Lori Tilden-Geiger at [email protected].

Non-Resident Application
Students who live outside of the school district wishing to enroll at TVSC must complete a Non-Resident Student Transfer Application as well as the New Student Online Registration. Transfer Applications are to be submitted to the TVSC Administration Office. Questions pertaining to non-resident student transfers may be directed to the Superintendent at 574-598-2759.
To download the application form, click here: http://tippecanoevalleyschools.com//wp-content/uploads/2014/09/APPLICATION-FOR-PERMISSION-TO-TRANSFER.pdf


Valley Insight for June 2018

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by Cory Cooper
Assistant Principal
Tippecanoe Valley Middle School
A Goal for the Future

Tippecanoe Valley Middle School (TVMS) added a coed soccer program this past spring. The School Board approved the TVMS Soccer Team in 2017 and two new coaches were hired – Gary Craft and Angie Lowe – who not only had prior coaching experience, but also were also excited to start the middle school soccer program. Multiple options for a new logo for the soccer team jerseys were created by Roberts Signs and voted on by students. The coaches had team callouts and over 30 students, boys and girls in grades 6-8, showed interest in playing soccer during the 2017-2018 school year.

Open gyms were set in February and almost every student who signed up came to the fundamentals sessions. The coaches were well organized and planned great practices that not only taught skills but also reinforced love for the game. The team jerseys came in the week of the first game and it was great to see the excitement of the players, most of whom had never played a competitive team sport for TVMS. These students would now represent TVMS in its first year of middle school soccer. The emphasis on being a part of the school’s history was communicated every practice by the coaches with the intent to set traditions and expectations from the inception of the team. The “team concept” was discussed at every practice. It was exciting to see boys and girls compete for spots while working well with each other.

After a first game cancellation due to inclement weather, TVMS’s first game was played against the Peru Tigers. Peru’s middle school team arrived and the TVMS parents, despite the very cold weather, all came out to witness their student-athletes make history. The referees whistled the ball in play and the game began. The two middle school teams would play two 30-minute halves with a 10-minute halftime. Nervous energy was everywhere. A Valley player fired a shot that hit the post and was quickly kicked out of the box by the nearest defender. Then it happened! A quick steal and possession went to Valley. A through ball allowed the talented midfielder, Christian Ramirez, to shoot from outside the box and everyone watched as the ball exploded off his foot and quickly found its way into the top of the goal in the third minute. TVMS had scored the first of many goals in the team’s first ever home game in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Then it happened again! Once in the 17th minute and four more times before the game was over.

The TVMS soccer team went on to finish the season with 8 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. For a first year team, this is a feat unheard of. For that, I want to thank our coaches for inspiring our athletes and allowing them to dream big, the players for being coachable and doing the work in practice that translated to results and goals in games, the School Board and administration for providing the resources, and the parents for supporting the team and their athletes. Soccer is alive at Tippecanoe Valley!



Message from TVSC Superintendent Brett Boggs

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As I prepare to retire from the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation at the end of June, this will be my final Superintendent’s Message.  It has been an honor to serve the Tippecanoe Valley community as superintendent of schools for the past 10 years and as a teacher, coach, and administrator for the past 40 years.  I look back on that period of time with such fond memories of the many students, staff members, and parents that I had the privilege of working with.  As with any profession, there have been challenges along the way.  Those challenges have always proved to be opportunities for growth.
There are many people I would like to thank who have made a positive impact on my life.  My wife and family have been very understanding of the long hours required to be a teacher, coach, and school administrator.  Three superintendents and numerous school board members have taught me a great deal over the years.  The students I have worked with have been a constant source of joy as I’ve tried never to forget that it’s because of my love and concern for young people that I became a teacher.  I have been blessed to work with many outstanding teachers and administrators, people who share my passion and dedication to doing what’s best for kids.  There is no place I would rather have spent the past 40 years than in the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation.
The Tippecanoe Valley community is a great place to raise a family and it’s a wonderful place to live.  People truly care about each other and are quick to respond when the need arises.  I have been blessed to be part of this community and hope that I have done my part to make it a better place for the generations to come.
Thank you for the opportunity that was given to me 40 years ago to serve this community as an educator in the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation.

-Brett R. Boggs, Superintendent of TVSC Schools