Students participate in summer leadership camp

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Several students from Mentone Elementary and Akron Elementary took part in summer leadership camp held June 18-21 at Manchester University.

The camp contained experiential learning with an emphasis on goal setting, communication, group process, team building, problem solving, organization, community service, project idea sharing, officer roles, inclusion, tolerance & diversity, citizenship & patriotism, and networking with leaders from all over Indiana.

Pictured above are Mentone Elementary fifth graders Chloe Haussmann, Lydia Craig, Madison Thompson, Kade Francis, Colton Crabb, Brock Derf and Reed Jones.

Pictured below front row left to right are Akron Elementary fifth graders Elise Smith, Audrey Bendicsen and Karegan Callahan. Pictured back row left to right are Asher McGriff, Bobby Burke and Gunnar Crispen.


Tippecanoe Valley on-site registration dates set for July 25 and July 27

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The Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation (TVSC) will hold on-site registration for the 2017-2018 school year at each of its schools on July 25 and July 27.

Akron Elementary, Mentone Elementary, Tippecanoe Valley High School and Tippecanoe Valley Middle School will each hold on-site registration from noon to 8 p.m. on those days for new and returning students. Akron Elementary’s on-site registration will take place at the Akron Carnegie Public Library located at 205 East Rochester Street. Registration can also be done online any time after July 17 at

Returning Tippecanoe Valley students must have a snap code in order register. Snap codes will be mailed out July 17. Parents and guardians who lost or did not receive a snap code should call the school their child will be attending to obtain one. During registration, parents can also make textbook payments either with cash or check.

August 7 is the deadline for students to have immunizations completed for the upcoming school year.  Students in all grade levels must meet the requirements determined by the Indiana State Department of Health. These requirements extend to children ages three to five that will be attending special education programs, child care, or preschool in a TVSC building.

“In Indiana, the only exemptions allowed are for medical or religious reasons. Each one has specific rules for filing these exemptions with the school,” said Debbie Potter, head nurse for Tippecanoe Valley.

Parents of students enrolling in a school for the first time need to provide a written immunization record. As new immunizations are required for students in six through twelfth grades, parents also need to provide written proof to the school that the updated shots have been completed.

The complete list of immunizations required for the new school year can be found on the Indiana Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program website and on the Tippecanoe Valley website. Nurses will be available during school registration hours in July if parents need help.

Enrollment for non-resident transfer students is also currently underway at Tippecanoe Valley. A non-resident transfer student is one whose legal settlement is not within the boundaries of the school corporation and would like to attend any TVSC school. Non-resident transfer student applications can be found on the school corporation’s website under the “easy enrollment” link in the middle of the homepage.

In addition to on-site enrollment on July 25 and July 27, Mentone Elementary is planning an open house on Thursday, Aug. 3, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. This is an opportunity for students and parents to tour the school, meet teachers and obtain more information about the upcoming school year. Akron Elementary will not have an open house this year due to construction.

VALLEY INSIGHT: Staying Safe in the Digital Era

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Written by Cory Cooper, assistant principal, Tippecanoe Valley Middle School

Cellphones are ubiquitous and children seem to keep getting them at a younger age. While there is no denying that cellphones can bring convenience and peace of mind when used as a way for a parent to safely check in on their child, or when children need a ride or forget something important on field trip day; it is also true that cellphones in the hands of children and teenagers come with a host of potential issues.

In my three years as a school administrator, I’ve been educated on these issues by the FBI, local and State Police agencies, lawyers, other school personnel, outside presenters and most importantly by the students who attend my school.  The dangers of technology are something these groups typically speak about in their presentations, particularly regarding cell phones and social media. Before cellphones, parents could more easily monitor who was part of their child’s life and what their children were involved in.  The evolution of technology has made it more difficult for parents to stay in the loop and help their children protect their personal information and keep it from getting into the wrong hands. There are several reasons for that: sharing information is extremely easy; not all parents are tech savvy, so it can be fairly easy for some children to get around any safeguards that their parents have put in place; and the appearance of popular social media apps that are intended to hide communications, such as Snapchat.

Indeed, parents now have to worry about online sexual predators who can track their children’s location, students who cyberbully or harass other students, access to vulgar content, inappropriate conversations with strangers, and the possibility of identity theft.

Certain issues such as cyberbullying, harassment online and sexting tend to be brought to school, in which case it can greatly disrupt the learning environment of all involved. Schools are required by law to maintain a safe and undisrupted learning environment and many are finding that their teachers and administrators are spending a great deal of time managing disruptions from cell phones and severe social media issues that walk in the doors every day. As a result, many schools have instituted cellphone policies and students who violate them can get their phones confiscated and lose the right to bring it back to school. If the violation is serious the school or individual being harassed will contact the police.

Although it can be difficult, even for the most involved parents, to supervise their child’s online presence at all times, there are resources and tools that can make this easier. There are apps and software that can help monitor the content of messages and social media posts. Some devices, internet service providers, and software offer the ability to restrict the type of content accessed and even set time limits, but none of these are completely foolproof.  What is most important is to have conversations with children early on about digital citizenship, set age-appropriate rules so that they know not to give away their personal information, show them how to recognize bullying and harassment and how to report it, and teach them how to keep a positive online presence.

The following resources will help you get the conversation started:

Please remember that information posted and shared online stays online forever.  Bad online behavior can come back to haunt students and cost them opportunities. Prospective schools and employers often check an individual’s online presence before making a decision on them, as several would-be Harvard students recently found out.

Pictured: Cory Cooper

Valley Insight is a recurring monthly article written by administrators on a variety of topics related to education and the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation. Articles will be posted to the district’s website and also shared with the local media.

TVHS announces 2017 spring sports award winners

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Tippecanoe Valley High School

Spring Athletic Awards 2017


Golden Glove                         Katie Prater

Highest Batting Avg.              Abby Betten

Most Assist                             Sydney Howard

Most RBI                                Ally Betten

Best E.R.A.                             Sydney Howard

Mental Attitude                      Alex Gomez

Most Improved                       Mia Gunnels

JV Batting Avg                       Jordan Krotke

M.V.P.                                    Abby Betten

Captains                                  Katie Prater, Abby Betten, Mia Gunnels

Booster Club                           Kayla Scott


Highest Batting Avg.              Alec Craig

Most Assist                             Tanner Trippiedi

Most R.B.I.                             Adam Myers

Best E.R.A.                             Ethan Yates

Mental Attitude                      Riley Weitzel

Golden Glove                         Tucker Shull

Most Improved                       Wes Melanson

M.V.P.                                                Alec Craig

JV  Batting Avg                      Wes Johnston

Booster Club                           Hunter Early

Captains                                  Alec Craig, Hunter Early, Keegan Larimer, Riley Weitzel


Medalist                                  Jeremy Julian

JV Medalist                             Austin Crill

Best Putter                              John Young

Most Improved                       Chris Schipper

Mental Attitude                      Noah Hoffman

Captains                                  Jeremy Julian, Bryston Canada

Booster Club                           Cade Brouyette


MIP Sprinter                           Cayleigh Byrer, Keith Wright

MIP Distance                          Lorena Santiago, Justin Peconga

MIP Field Event                     Hannah Gibbons,  Kelton Johnson

MVP   Sprints                         Sarah Tucker, Dakota Parker

MVP Distance                                    Jayden Kolesiak, Mitch Smith

MVP Field Event                    Cora Alber, Jameson Baker

Captains                                  Jared Mikel, Camden Tucker, Dakota Parker, Haley Hoover, Breanna Kruger

Mental Attitude                      Faith Kamp, Evan Lowman

Booster Club                           Breanna Kruger, Jacob McDonald


Mental Attitude                      N/A

Most Improved                       Paige Hodge

Best Record                            N/A

#1 Singles                                Aerin Shewman

Spirit                                       Kennedy Niedbalski

JV Most Improved                  Kaleigh Shumaker

Captains                                  Aerin Shewman/ Kennedy Niedbalski

Booster Club                           America Baca

Tippecanoe Valley High School to host community blood drive July 7

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The Tippecanoe Valley High School student council and the American Red Cross will host a community blood drive on Friday, July 7, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the high school gymnasium.

All pre-registered donors will be eligible to receive a free ticket to Cedar Point for use this season. Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis. The blood drive is open to anyone who meets the donor requirements outlined by the American Red Cross.

Anyone interested in donating blood can go online to and register using the zip code 46910. You can also register by emailing Crystal Heckaman, student council sponsor, at [email protected].

According to the American Red Cross, a blood donor card or driver’s license or two other forms of identification are required at check-in. Individuals who are 17 years of age in most states (16 with parental consent where allowed by state law), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school students and other donors 18 years of age and younger also have to meet certain height and weight requirements.

Coaches sought for upcoming school year

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Tippecanoe Valley High School is currently looking for coaches for the 2017-2018 school year.

Please contact Athletic Director Duane Burkhart at (574) 598-2103 if you’re qualified and interested in any of the following positions:

Boys Tennis        Fall Season

Girls Golf            Fall Season

Boys Golf           Spring Season

Baseball             Spring Season

Tippecanoe Valley and Lutheran Health Network KCH announce 10-year partnership

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Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation (TVSC) and Lutheran Health Network Kosciusko Community Hospital (KCH) are entering into a 10-year partnership to help advance wellness-based programs and services throughout the school corporation and the community.

The partnership, officially announced on June 3, will focus on the needs of all K-12 students, staff and the communities TVSC serves in two primary areas; mental health/wellness and physical health/wellness.

Initiatives derived from the partnership will be centered on the theme Partners in Wellness. Strength in Community. The partnership will allow TVSC priority access to many of the programs and services provided by Lutheran Health Network KCH.

A committee comprised of members from both organizations was formed to assess the current needs of the school corporation. Immediate plans are to upgrade the playground areas at the Burket Educational Center and Mentone Elementary School and to bring the Student Assistance Program to all TVSC schools. The Student Assistance Program was created to provide Tippecanoe Valley High School students two free pre-paid sessions of counseling at any Bowen Center outpatient location.

“We also hope to pursue the possibility of an on-site health clinic that will benefit TVSC employees and possibly partners within the community. Enhancing the Valley Strong strength and conditioning program is another area of need,” said Brett Boggs, TVSC superintendent.

The school corporation also hopes to provide through the partnership additional work and career-based experiences for students in the medical field and more education on nutrition and healthy eating.

“As we continue to grow our partnerships with area schools, we look forward to working with Tippecanoe Valley schools through this long-term relationship. We anticipate providing health education opportunities and enhancing health care services for both the school system and community, “said Kirk Ray, CEO at Kosciusko Community Hospital.

TVSC will also be bringing additional site-based counseling services to its schools through the partnership to assist in meeting an ever-growing need focused on mental health and wellness.

“The Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation is pleased to form this partnership with Lutheran/KCH.  The partnership promises to benefit our students, staff and the community for many years to come,” said Boggs.


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It has been an amazing year and an amazing journey for our seniors at Tippecanoe Valley. They have put in years of hard work, and as a result, their futures are coming together before their eyes. Some have been accepted to colleges across the country, some are pursuing a specific vocation while others are taking advantage of community college.

We will come together as a community to celebrate these students’ accomplishments together at our annual graduation ceremony on June 4, 2017. We hope to see you there!

TVHS Honor Roll | 4th Nine Weeks | 2016-2017 School Year

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Freshmen All A Honor Roll

Quintin Allen

Shelby Baker

Alyssa Bell

Colt Demske

Amber Evans

Valeria Jimenez

Jace Potter

Jalen Potter

Luke Prater

Delaney Sandbakken

Tanner Trippiedi

Jessy Weitzel

Kirstyn Yoder


Freshmen A & B Honor Roll

Amy Baca

Allison Betten

Cade Brouyette

Caleigh Byrer

Lillie Collins

Jaydin Conley

Emma Craig

Dakota Gaff

Bethany Johnson

Jakob Jones

Faith Kamp

Jadyn Kolesiak

Kaitlyn Lewis

Tahya Lybarger

Brette manns

Aleesa Marshall

Alexis Michael

Allison Miller

Emily Murphy

Roni Newsome

Misael Ramirez

Jorge Rosas-Jimenez

Mercedes Roszak

Tucker Shull

Mason Stephen

Alivia Taylor

Jaxon Torpy

Shakira Vail

Jillian Walls

Makenzie Woodcox


Sophomore All A Honor Roll

Damian Banghart

Sophia Bussard

Laura Campos

Hannah Durkes

Olivia Ellenwood

Billy Gillman

Hannah Jansma

Sarah Myers

Makenzie Oldham

Emily Peterson

Rachael Randall

Shayleigh Shriver

Sarah Tucker

Dylan Wood

Kamile Yocum


Sophomore A & B Honor Roll

Abril Baca

Kennedie Brooks

Shae Clingerman

Alexus Cooper

Rodolfo Diaz

Madison Francis

Alexandra Gomez

Brooke Gothan

Annabell Gutierrez Eberly

Tiphanie Hodge

Elijah Holder

Sydney Howard

Haley Lewis

Bryce Madeford

Sierra Marshall

Kylee Masterson

Brianna McBrier

Colton McCane

Wesley Melanson

Noah Miller

Marlea Myers

Cameron Parker

Hanna Prater

Kinzie Prater

Kirsten Prater

Kelly Randall

Jose Rivera

Alex Salas Morrison

Lorena Santiago

Kaitlin Shepherd

April Slone

Olivia Smith

Lauren Sponseller

Maria Vargas


Junior All A Honor Roll

Cora Alber

Hannah Ames

Brenna Baney

Olivia Bell

Alejandra DeLaRosa

Macy Engstrand

Mackenzie Fear

Hannah Gibbons

Jalyssa House

Hunter Hyden

Kelsey Justice

Gary Klinger

Jacob McDonald

Addy Miller

McKenzie Murphy

Cheyene Oldfather

Angelica Ortega

Dakota Parker

Gretchen Runyon

Makayla Sandbakken

Kaleigh Shumaker

Olivia Trippiedi

Camden Tucker

Carissa Ziemek


Junior A & B Honor Roll

Daisy Arroyo

Jameson Baker

Devin Bandow

Alyssa Brito

Chase Brower

Izaiah Brown

Cody Craig

Bryce Cudney

Garrett Feldman

Grace Grosch

Drew Hartman

Kaitlynd Heiden-Moore

Seth Hoffman

Trent Houchin

William Johnston

Jordan Krotke

Gracie Manns

Adam Myers

Susan Nickerson

Asia O’Connor

Amy Ortiz

Guadalupe Ramirez

Kayla Scott

Jack Utter

Eric Wright


Senior All An Honor Roll

Victoria Biddle

Meredith Brouyette

Alexia Durkes

Hunter Early

Amanda Heltzel

Guadalupe Hernandez

Jeremy Julian

Alexander Kromkowski

Laira Myers

Kaitlyn Prater

Angela Ramirez

Sierra Rudd

Sydney Schaeffer

Aerin Shewman

Yarley Smalley

Adrian Velazquez

Christopher Wilhite


Senior A & B Honor Roll

Joseph Alspaugh

Caitlyn Atwell

America Baca

Hannah Brower

Taneisha Brown

Bryston Canada

Lexi Cumberland

Jerrid Edmonson

Ethan Freant

Brianna Haney

Cheyenne Holmes

Audrey Jackson

Santha Keckler

Breanna Kruger

Keegan Larimer

Adam Lowe

Dylan Manwaring

Monika Marshall

Sierra Mast

Jared Mikel

Victoria Miller

Nikita Nelson

Kennedy Niedbalski

Braydon Ott

Noah Prater

Diana Ramirez Rosas

Elizabeth Salazar

Melissa Schmidt

Anne Secrest

Christopher Secrist

Kaitlin Shoemaker

Noah Smith-Fletcher

Dylan Sponseller

Jordan Timbers

Cole Walters

Dylan Warner

Riley Weitzel

Keith Wright

John Young