I have always appreciated the education I received at Tippecanoe Valley. Its top-notch facilities rival those of much larger schools, but the emphasis the teachers and staff place on each student’s academic and personal development, and the close-knit sense of community felt across the entire school district are important factors in preparing our future leaders. ~Andy K.

TVHS is dedicated to personal development and provides an environment which allows students to be successful in the classroom and in the community. ~Rebekah L.

When I think back on my years at TVHS, I think back on the best years of my life. Not only was I provided with an outstanding education with incredible teachers, I was also provided many choices of extracurricular activities to choose from. TVHS is small enough to provide a much more personal level of education, yet large enough to provide the forms of education with the necessary tools to compete in a modern world filled with technology. In TVHS, the teachers actually get to KNOW their students with classes much smaller than larger area schools. Students get to know each other better too, which can result in lifelong friendships. TVHS is a beautiful school and offers everything a student needs. ~Amy W.

I have been motivated to work hard and succeed in accomplishing my goals and as well as learning to the best of my abilities. ~Nate M.

Join a hometown community of educators, parents and students where we value learning and build character and leadership. Having grown up in the area, attended Akron Elementary, and graduated from Tippecanoe Valley High School and now work for the Corporation going on 25 years I can tell you this is a great place to be! ~Dawn R.

Community, I have been associated with a lot of organizations over the years…… and none of which took root like my time at Valley. [com·mu·ni·ty: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals] ~Vincent W.

Some of the most exceptional people I’ve met instruct the students at TVSC – and it is life-changing to spend time with these teachers. ~Dylan M.

Even though I graduated from TVHS more than 10 years ago, if I was given the choice as to where to attend, I would still choose TVHS because of the caring teachers and staff. I always felt like they truly cared about me and my education and not just about getting a paycheck. They took time to get to know their students and to help those who needed extra assistance. I have fond memories of my time in high school and wouldn’t trade it for another place or more options. There is something special about going to a school where people know your name and truly care about you. ~Elissa D.

I just wanted to let you know that my kids really took the convocation to heart today. Anna started making links as soon as her homework was done, and Eli joined in after supper. They included the whole family by having us all say things we could do to help others. I am glad my kids go to a school where character education is so highly valued. After all, isn’t that what’s really important, even more so than academics? Thanks again! ~Stephanie S.

Tippecanoe Valley High School is not like other schools. With a population roughly around 650 students, we experience a more family-like atmosphere. Valley is a school that allows me to feel comfortable, build relationships with students and staff, and maintain excellent grades. Because of the smaller class sizes, students have closer relationships with teachers. I know that my teachers will help whenever I have a question. I was a transfer from (a neighboring district), so based on personal experience, I know that Valley is kind, caring and helpful. Also, most of my family, including my parents, attended Valley; all of which have loved their experience here. Since I’ve moved to Valley, I’ve bettered my academics, gained confidence, and built life-long relationships. Like I said, Valley is NOT like other schools! ~Jaden B., Senior ‘15