Ford Division and Kerlin Motors are introducing new products to consumers in a unique way that not only helps raise awareness and consideration for the Ford brand, but also helps support community schools.

Participants in the “Drive 4UR School” program can test-drive Ford vehicles and help raise much-needed funding for Tippecanoe Valley. For each test-drive taken at the one-day event on September 22nd, Ford & Kerlin Motors will give $20, up to a total of $6,000.

Kerlin Motor Company Sales Manager, Hugh Janda said, “This is a unique way to showcase a variety of Ford products in a low pressure setting while also demonstrating our dedication to helping the community.”

Janda says the success of the “Drive 4UR School” program is driven by strong collaboration between the dealership and partnering high schools.

Kerlin Motors is planning on having 300 test drives beginning at 5:30pm, just before the Tippecanoe Valley High School football game and going until 9 p.m. Special groups are going to begin earlier in the day and can schedule by appointment.