Tippecanoe Valley Middle School Announces Non-Traditional 1:1 Technology Initiative

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SCHOOL NEWS RELEASE                                                                  June 14, 2016

Tippecanoe Valley Middle School (TVMS) will begin a non-traditional one-to-one technology initiative starting in August of the upcoming 2016-17 school year. Students will be assigned a 2016 Dell Education Series Laptop with Windows 10 operating system. The technology initiative will be non-traditional because the laptops will remain at school. Students will check their device out at the beginning of the day and keep it with them until the end of the day when they will check the device back in to a mobile charging cart. Devices will not go home. This allows the school to keep costs low by not charging an additional fee for insurance. This also allows for better monitoring of use of the devices through the school’s Internet filtering system. The devices are covered by an accidental damage warranty while at school. Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for costs of intentional damage/misuse (as per written contract). All student work will be conducted on a web-based academic management system called Chalkable. Students can access school files at home from any device that connects to the Internet.

The technology fee assessed for use of the devices will be $60 annually billed through textbook rental. Overall textbook rental will see only a $30-$40 increase due to cuts in other areas to keep rental prices reasonable while still providing students with the tools necessary to have access to a 21st Century education. Overall textbook rental fees will run $150-$170 per student depending on the individual’s class schedule. This fee is comparable to or less than the textbook rental fees charged by area schools with one-to-one programs already in place. Textbook rental fees, one-to-one acceptable use contracts, and registration codes will all be mailed to the parents/guardians of TVMS students in mid-July. TVMS will be using ony two traditional textbooks (math and social studies) during the upcoming school year. Both content areas will have a substantial online component as well.

Questions about the new non-traditional one-to-one technology initiative at TVMS may be directed to Principal Scott Backus at [email protected] or 574-598-2200, ext. 2203.

Valley Insight

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Lois Buss - Picture (2)Valley Insight

by Lois Buss
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Co-sponsor
Tippecanoe Valley High School

Spread the Joy

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a national organization of students, teachers, and coaches who unite their two passions of sports and faith to impact the world for Christ. At Tippecanoe Valley High School (TVHS) this group meets every Friday morning for an hour of sharing, teaching, and prayer. It is a small, but very faithful and powerful group of people who really have a heart for each other, for this school and community, as well as the world. According to student-athlete Noah Prater, “FCA is a place where it is OK to be a Christian in a world that sometimes has no time for Christianity.”

FCA helps students and teachers who attend in many ways. It is a safe place to share our lives- a place full of hope, support, encouragement, and accountability. “I love the ‘spiritual recharge’ that FCA blesses me with every Friday. The fellowship and hospitality are awesome!” states TVHS technology teacher Dan Franklin. FCA is also a place where relationships and strong community are fostered. Senior Whitney Haneline observes that FCA gives people a safe place and another family; for some, FCA is their first family. “FCA gives us a better high school experience, new friends we can rely on, and a place to belong and make a difference.” Finally, FCA is place to grow. Athletes, coaches, and teachers grow in faith, social skills, communication skills, and leadership. Co-sponsor Aaron Engbrecht says, “FCA has given me a platform to lead teachers and students and provided a way for me to bring others closer to Christ.” Many students, as well, feel better equipped as leaders because of their FCA experience.

FCA not only supports and grows those who attend, but reaches out to our community through prayer and service. Through sponsoring events such as See You at the Pole, National Day of Prayer, and local Community Prayer events, we cover the schools in prayer and acknowledge our need for God’s guidance, protection, and wisdom there. We have so appreciated the community and administrative support in opening our schools to student-initiated, student-led prayer. It has made an incredible impact on our student and faculty spiritual and emotional health. It changes circumstances around us; it changes our hearts and attitudes. It has provided a much-needed anchor and hope for some hard loss we have walked through together.

FCA has served our communities also in writing encouragement notes to TVHS students, faculty, and teams, working at the homeless shelter, preparing boxes for Operation Christmas Child, and, most recently in our shoe collection drive for Haiti. At the current time the TVSC community has donated 600 pairs of shoes for Haitians who otherwise might not attend school or work. This kind of service makes a difference in us, in our community, and in our world.

“FCA has given the school more joy. After our Friday meetings, we walk out of Mrs. Buss’ room with a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts.  For me, after FCA, I smile at everyone and anyone in the hall, and hopefully I spread the joy”. – Olivia Ellenwood

Keith Lang - Picture (2)VALLEY INSIGHT

By Keith Lang
Director of Technology

Student Success through the Development of Character, Leadership and Literacy

As I was pondering what to write, I struggled to settle on a topic.  So many good things happen at Tippecanoe Valley, but what about the technology department?  After several attempts, I looked up and there on my wall was the corporation mission statement:  “Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation is committed to student success through the development of character, leadership and literacy.”  How has that been accomplished this year in the technology department?

Two programs offered at Tippecanoe Valley High School – Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education (I.C.E.) and Work Based Learning: Professional Career Internships – allow students the opportunity to experience a career firsthand to see if it is a career they can become passionate about.   This year five student interns were assigned to the technology department where they assisted with the maintenance of devices while helping their fellow students and staff with technology issues.  There were many challenges and, with little to no experience, the technology interns quickly jumped in and got their feet wet.

This year’s I.C.E. intern is senior Braxton Behny.  Braxton is the son of Todd and Amy Behny.  He served at Tippecanoe Valley Middle School (TVMS) where Braxton has done a little bit of everything…networking, imaging devices, system repairs, and end user help.  Braxton even gave up most of his Christmas break to come in and help with the installation of the new telephone system and core switch transition.  Braxton plans to attend Purdue University where he will pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering and Technology.   When asked what Braxton’s “revelation” this year is, he replied, “I will take away that it truly does pay to be a people person and to always be polite in your encounters. It makes the job easier and more enjoyable.”

Senior Shay Merley has served a professional career internship at TVHS.  Shay is the son of Eric and Angie Merley.  Shay has been instrumental in the repair and re-imaging of the 1:1 devices.  He has also assisted teachers and staff with classroom based technologies.  Shay plans to attend Rose Hulman Institute of Technology where he will pursue a career in engineering.  When asked about his biggest takeaway from his internship, he replied, “We learned that sometimes things happen that throw a wrench in our plans, but it’s important to find a way to get our jobs done anyway.”

Senior Dhyey Patel also served a professional career internship.  Dhyey is the son of Bharatkumar and Daxaben Patel.  Dhyey has been a triage specialist, evaluating devices as they come in the door and determining the next best step.  He has been very quick to assist the staff with their technology issues as well. Dhyey plans to attend Purdue Northwest where he will pursue a career in Computer Science.  Dhyey’s greatest success this year was, “…the satisfaction after fixing the tablet and handing it back to the student.”

Isaac Sponseller served a professional career internship during the first semester.  Isaac is the son of Bryan and Lisa Sponseller.  Isaac plans to attend Huntington University and will major in Accounting.  Isaac says, “This experience has made me realize what it takes to be in the field of Information Technology and the patience that is required for this area of work.”

The final technology intern is junior Noah Prater.  Noah is the son of David and Aggie Prater.  This is Noah’s second year with the technology department.  Noah has stepped up in a big way taking on the responsibility of handling insurance claims during second semester.  Noah plans on attending college and double majoring in Information Technology and Computer Programming.  Noah’s greatest challenge this year was device distribution day.  More than 600 devices were to be handed out in less than four hours. These guys were up to the challenge getting all 600 devices out in less than three hours.

These five young men are shining examples of what it means to be part of the Tippecanoe Valley family; collaborating to share their passion about what they do (character), striving to make their school a better place (leadership), as well as taking their skills to the next level (literacy).

Tippecanoe Registration

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We will be opening online registration on July 5.  New and returning students will be able to register at that point. SNAP codes for returning students will be mailed out July 1.  New students who live out of district should be reminded to download and complete the Non-Resident application.


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It has been an amazing year and an amazing journey for our seniors at Tippecanoe Valley. They have put in years of hard work, and as a result, their futures are coming together before their eyes. Some have been accepted to colleges across the country, some are pursuing a specific vocation while others are taking advantage of community college.

We will come together as a community to celebrate these students’ accomplishments together at our annual graduation ceremony on June 5. We hope to see you there!