Mentone Elementary Hosts Veterans Day Program

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It is our privilege to once again honor our Veterans with a program on Friday, November 9, 2018, at 10:15 am. This is our way of thanking you for your service to our country. It will be held in the Mentone School Gym.

You are welcome to come and have lunch with your child following the program, however, there will be a wait for some of you due to your child’s/children’s lunch time and the end of the program. Our lunch schedule is as follows:

Kindergarten 11:25 Third Grade 12:10
First Grade 11:40 Fourth Grade 12:25
Second Grade 11:55 Fifth Grade 12:40

Our cafeteria will provide you and your spouse’s meal that day. The cafeteria is serving Chicken and Noodles, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Mandarin Oranges, Cake, & Roll. If you would like to wear your uniform, please feel free to do so. We also ask that you not go to classrooms unless arrangements have been made with your child’s teacher ahead of time.

We will provide coffee, cookies, and a place for you to relax until your lunch time.

Please return the form below to the office, or you may call the office at 574-598-2590, if you will be able to attend. This helps our cafeteria staff know how many meals to prepare.

Thank you for your service to our country.


I will be able to attend the program and lunch on Friday, November 9.


Name of Student(s): ____________________________________________

Teacher(s) Name (s) _____________________________

Valley Insight by Guest Author Deb Miller – October 2018

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By Deb Miller
Akron Elementary School, Counselor
Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation
Family Groups

Akron, IN – Akron and Mentone Elementary Schools are helping students build positive relationships with other students in different grades and with staff members through family groups. The purpose of family groups is for students to interact with others in different classes and grades, to help promote the sense of belonging and community in our school, and to help fifth graders become better leaders. At Akron, each family group is made up of students in grades K-5. Each family has at least two fifth graders who will act as the leaders of the family and they will lead the activity. Staff members are also assigned and paired with a family group. The adult’s role is to assist when there are issues.

Family groups meet about one time a month to learn a character education topic that is discussed throughout the month in the classroom, daily announcements, and weekly and bi-weekly guidance lessons. The topics come from the Core Essential Values/Core Essentials curriculum. Core Essentials is used in many schools across the county. This year the monthly themes (Big Ideas) are: Wisdom, Initiative, Contentment, Cooperation, Compassion, Self-Control, Service, Individuality, Hope, and Perseverance.

Each month family groups meet to learn what the Big Idea is, how students and adults apply this big idea, and participate in a craft activity. Each theme also has an animal to identify with therefore students watch a video to learn more about this animal. For example, in September the theme was Initiative – seeing what needs to be done and doing it. Students talked in their family groups about things they can do at home and at school. They wrote these things on Popsicle sticks and created a dam with paper beavers. The beaver was the animal of the month. Before the monthly family group activities, the counselors meet with the fifth grade students to talk about leadership and what their role will be for the activities.

Fifth graders state they like leading their family and helping them learn about a topic. Family groups go along with TVSC’s mission of Student Success through the development of Character, Leadership, and Literacy. Students are learning to get along with others and become better leaders.

Mentone Elementary 5th Graders Collaborate with Songwriter Steve Seskin

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Mentone Elementary 5th graders recently had the opportunity to sit down with songwriter Steve Seskin to write this inspirational song – Nothing is Impossible!

Steve Seskin is one of the most successful writers in Nashville today, with a boatload of songs recorded by Tim McGraw, Neal McCoy, John Michael Montgomery, Kenny Chesney, Collin Raye, Peter Frampton, Waylon Jennings, Alabama, Mark Wills, and Peter Paul and Mary. His song “Don’t Laugh At Me” was a finalist for CMA “Song of the Year” in 1999, and has spurred an entire tolerance movement, launched by the Don’t Laugh at Me Project. Other Seskin hits include: “I Think About You,” “Life’s A Dance,” “No Doubt About It,” “If You’ve Got Love” and “Grown Men Don’t Cry.”