June 2015 Valley Insight by Cory Cooper, Asst. Principal

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Preparing Tippecanoe Valley Middle School Students for a High-tech Future!

Today’s middle school students have four to seven years before they graduate and another two to four years of education beyond high school depending on their career choice. Thus, we are preparing students today for a career that they will enter in at most 11 years from now. That is precisely why choosing the rigorous curriculum provided by Project Lead the Way (PLTW) that will integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is the best choice for Tippecanoe Valley Middle School (TVMS) and the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation (TVSC).

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Tippecanoe Valley Graduation to be Broadcast Live Via Internet

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Tippecanoe Valley Graduation to be Broadcast Live Via Internet

For the first time in the 40-year history of Tippecanoe Valley High School, the school’s graduation ceremony will be streamed live via the internet.  RTCtv will be on hand to broadcast the event live via the internet on Sunday, June 7, starting at approximately 2:45 p.m. EST.  Parents, grandparents, other relatives, friends, and community members will be able to view the event by going to https://www.rtc4.com.    Since this is an internet broadcast, anyone around the world with access to a PC or a smart phone with internet access may tune in to the broadcast.

Another new feature that will be made available this year is the option to purchase a copy of the ceremony on DVD.  The cost of the DVD will be $20.00 and can be ordered by contacting RTCtv at 574-223-2191.  Proceeds will go to benefit Tippecanoe Valley High School.

Tippecanoe Valley is pleased to offer these two new options to the families of the graduating seniors and others unable to attend graduation.  Tune in to see the graduation of an outstanding group of future world class leaders!  Congratulations to the Class of 2015 and best wishes in all your future endeavors.

Reading At Home Over the Summer Increases Student Achievement

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TVSC builds in time for students to read at school each day, but research shows that this may not be enough. Students who read at home in addition to reading at school tend to have higher test scores. Here are some ways to incorporate reading at home this summer!

  • Read the cereal box each morning
  • Find a reading website or app that your child enjoys
  • Look up information about a favorite subject on the computer
  • Take regular trips to the library and join the summer reading program
  • Start a book club with friends
  • Model reading by reading in front of and to your children each day

Digital Citizenship

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Tippecanoe Valley is privileged to have access to technology in and around the classroom. With this privilege, comes a responsibility to use this technology in the way that it was intended. We call this being a good “Digital Citizen”. We expect staff, students and parents to uphold their role in creating good digital citizens.

As a parent or adult, you will need to set ground rules on technology use. In addition to this, monitoring media use and discussing appropriate sites to visit will help. It is also recommended that you know your children’s passwords and codes for their devices. Regularly checking their social online behaviors will help as well.

It is important for students to be aware of what acceptable online practice is. Students should avoid sharing or posting inappropriate images, sharing passwords, posting personal information and communicating with unknown numbers or individuals. Students can also be aware of suspicious behavior such as, being asked for pictures; being asked to use a webcam and being asked if they are alone. Students are also expected to refrain from cyber bullying such as bullying, spreading rumors or gossip, posting pictures of others without their permission, pretending to be someone they are not and threatening or harassing others. If students are aware of cyber bullying, they are asked to inform an adult as soon as possible.

Students must be aware that once a picture, comment or file is placed on a public internet site, it’s out there forever and it cannot be taken back or deleted. It is more important now than ever that parents know what their children are doing online. Take the time to talk to your children about this important subject. For more information, please visit www.commonsensemedia.org.

Positive Change Benefits Students at Tippecanoe Valley High School

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  • We are very fortunate at Tippecanoe Valley High School to have a variety of stakeholders; students, teachers, parents, support staff, administrators, community members, coaches, etc.; that not only respond reliably to change, but also initiate positive change. Some constructive examples of change that have, and continue, to occur at TVHS are:
  • Suicide prevention (QPR) training for all students grades 9-12 with the inclusion of this training regularly into the health class curriculum;
    Increased and improved communication including a regular newsletter and Facebook page;
  • New Dual Credit offerings including Spanish and United States History;
    The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program;
  • The introduction of archery as a component of our physical education classes;
  • The acquisition of cardio equipment for the weight room with access for community members;
  • Hunter Education classes included as a regular part of the health class curriculum;
  • The development and introduction of teacher lead, small group, study halls to help struggling students;
  • The Rachel’s Challenge Group;
  • The development and introduction of improved English as a New Language classes;
  • The continued progression toward a Professional Learning Community model at TVHS;
  • Social Studies textbook adoption to reflect new standards and technology; and
  • New ECA (standardized testing) computer software for English and Mathematics.

We pride ourselves at Tippecanoe Valley High School with responding to, and initiating, change in a positive and productive manner. Constructive dialogue with stakeholders makes this process practical and beneficial for the students we serve.