TVHS, Burket and Mentone Students Help Feed Those in Need

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Tippecanoe Valley High School Student Council members Cora Alber (left) and Carissa Ziemek (right) work together to fill packs of food at the Feed My Starving Children event at the Gordon Recreation Center on October 5.

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, 130 Tippecanoe Valley High School and Burket Educational Center students had the opportunity to join with students from Wawasee High School to pack food for a good cause. The event, which took place at the Gordon Recreation Center at nearby Grace College, benefited Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide nutritious meals to hungry children around the world. The students, after watching an educational and instructional video, had the opportunity to help pack, weigh, and seal bags of food, as well as transport them around the bustling Recreation Center as boxes filled up.

Faith Kamp, a ninth grader who participated in the event, was glad to help out. “I liked seeing the video showing how needy the kids [we were helping] are, and knowing that we helped them made me feel good,” she said. Micah Lukens, teacher at Burket Educational Center, was also proud to see some of his students taking time out of their days to go to the event. “Our students took a moment to see that others are in need,” he explained, “and it really made them appreciate what they have.” By the end of their shift, the combined efforts of all the students had not only had this effect, but also produced enough food to feed many children for an entire year; that is something to feel good about indeed.

This was not the first time this year that Tippecanoe Valley students have come together to help those in need. In September, Mentone Elementary hosted a giving drive that benefitted those who were affected by the tornado in Kokomo. The school collected a total of 1,440 items to be donated to those who needed them most. We are proud of our students’ generosity and willingness to give their time to such worthy causes!

Indiana Department of Education Honors Tippecanoe Valley Middle School

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Tippecanoe Valley Middle School has been recognized by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) for the success of its Catch-Up Café, a program which ensures that students are completing their homework. As a nod to Indiana’s bicentennial, the IDOE has selected “200 Promising Practices” that are happening in Indiana’s schools; one of these is the Catch-Up Café, where students spend their lunch time eating and working on any missing assignments they have. While Catch-Up Café attendance is mandatory if a student has missing work, many students appreciate the café for helping them improve their grades and get themselves back on track. Since the Café was implemented last year, both the number of students failing classes and attending summer school has decreased, and students are more accountable for the completion of their homework.

The recognition of the Catch-Up Café by the IDOE and Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz means a lot to Tippecanoe Valley Middle School. Principal Scott Backus is especially proud of the Café. “We have worked hard at TVMS to look at our total curriculum.  While we have put the Café in place to help with student accountability, we are also looking at the quality of work being assigned and the skill needs of our students.  Working to eliminate “busy work” and holding kids accountable for the work we do assign is critical to our school improvement plan.  The Café is based on an idea we saw at another school.  We adopted it and tweaked it to make it fit our needs at TVMS.  We are not satisfied that it is the only answer to our students’ success, but it is one tool that we can use to help.  Our goal is 100% completed work for the year.  The Café is helping us get there.”

About Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation

Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation is committed to student success through the development of character, leadership, and literacy. We do whatever it takes to equip all students to be outstanding today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Tippecanoe Valley’s Coach Shriver Carries Bicentennial Torch

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TVSC teacher Jeff Shriver, along with Stephanie Bibler, carry the Bicentennial Torch in honor of his late friend Scott Bibler. Behind them, Tippecanoe Valley football players and cheerleaders participate in the relay festivities.

Thursday morning, Sept. 29, the Bicentennial Torch Relay made its way through Kosciusko County, and one of Tippecanoe Valley’s own had the honor of carrying it at Warsaw Community High School. Current high school teacher and co-head football coach Jeff Shriver was selected to carry the torch in place of his late friend and colleague, Scott Bibler, who passed away in a plane crash a year ago. Scott’s wife, Stephanie Bibler, accompanied Shriver as he accepted the torch and carried it aloft through a tunnel of students who lined the street. Once Shriver and Bibler had passed, the students, including Tippecanoe Valley High School football players and cheerleaders and Akron Elementary fourth graders, fell into line behind them as they continued up the road.

Shriver was honored and excited to be selected as a torchbearer for the relay. “It was really an awesome trifecta,” he said of the experience. “First, to be able to participate in the celebration of 200 years of statehood was incredible. Second, TVSC and the football program have been a tremendously important part of my life. The inclusion of this year’s coaches, players and cheerleaders in the relay made the event extra special,” he explained. But those two things couldn’t touch the pride he felt in being selected to represent his friend.  “Most important to me was the ability to walk with Stephanie Bibler and our team and carry the torch in tribute, honor, and memory of Scott Bibler,” he said. It was certainly a day to remember.