Rise’n Roll fundraiser happening at Akron Elementary through March 2

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The Akron Parent Support Group is sponsoring a fundraiser! Students are asked to sell Rise’n Roll products now until March 2nd.

Products include donuts, pies, cookies, jam, salsa, pickles and much more. All orders and money will need to be turned in by Friday, March 2nd. If you need more order forms, please see the office.

The top seller in the school will get a Walmart gift card. The top selling class will get a popcorn and movie party and the top selling grade will earn extra recess. Please help our school raise money!

RTC launches TippeTV for HD cable subscribers

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Rochester Telephone Company and RTCtv4 have launched high-definition cable channels for the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation and two other school districts.

RTC has officially launched TippeTV, ArgosTV and CastonTV on its cable system. RTC is currently only offering these new channels for its high-definition cable service customers. Viewers can tune to channel 343 for Tippecanoe Valley, channel 341 for Argos and channel 342 for Caston. A Roku channel and webstream will also be added for the channels sometime this year.

RTC will continue to broadcast select sporting events throughout the school year, but this new channel will give Tippecanoe Valley the opportunity to not only air games, but to air more content from each of its schools including Mentone Elementary School, Akron Elementary School, Tippecanoe Valley Middle School, Tippecanoe Valley High School and the Burket Educational Center.

If you are an RTC cable television customer, but do not currently receive high-definition channels and would like to, call (574) 223-2191.

Valley Hometown Fund to host charity alumni basketball game

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The Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation’s Valley Hometown Fund is holding an alumni basketball game in March with the hopes of raising money to establish an endowment fund.

The Valley Hometown Fund was created by Tippecanoe Valley graduates with the mission of connecting alumni with their schools and hometowns in support of education and community development.

“We are seeking to establish an endowment with the Fulton County Community Foundation that will enable us to award grants annually for projects that benefit the students and residents of the Tippecanoe Valley area,” said TVSC Superintendent Brett Boggs.

The Valley Hometown Fund will host two basketball games in the Tippecanoe Valley High School gymnasium on Thursday, March 8. The first game will begin at 6:30 p.m. and feature teams of local firefighters and Tippecanoe Valley staff members. The second game will begin at 7:45 p.m. and feature teams of Tippecanoe Valley alumni from 1998-2007 and 2008-2017. Doors will open to the public beginning at 6 p.m.

The basketball games will consist of 10-minute running clock quarters, 10-minute halftimes. Former Tippecanoe Valley basketball standouts David Lash, Rebekah Parker, Trey Eaton, Shane Drudge, Caylie Teel, Steven Tillman and Nick Kindig will be some of the players on the alumni teams.

There will be a 15-minute intermission between the games that will feature a presentation from previous Valley Hometown Fund grant recipients. Interviews will be conducted by Micah Lukens, a TVHS graduate and current Burket Educational Center instructor. Rita Price from WRSW-FM in Warsaw will be the emcee for the night.

Concessions will be available in the commons area including hot dogs and ice cream from The Igloo Ice Cream Shop in Silver Lake. The evening will include the announcement of the winner of the Mr./Ms. Basketball Contest and a 50/50 or cake raffle will also be held.

There is no charge for admission to the games, but donations will be collected at the door. All funds will be used to support the activities of the Valley Hometown Fund.

Donations to the Valley Hometown Fund throughout the year allow it to award grants to projects and organizations that benefit Tippecanoe Valley students and the residents of the communities within the school district. Four school and community projects were awarded a total of $4,000 in funding at a Valley Hometown Fund grantmaking event held on March 21, 2017. Another grantmaking event is planned for this fall.

Here are the rosters for the teams:

Team 1 – Valley Personnel

#3 Chelsea Brubaker

#10 Jon Ekhoff

#20 Anthony Newcomer

#22 Scott Finney

#23 Shawn Shepherd

#32 Andrew Luce

#40 Adam Miller

#42 Kyle Ritchey

#44 Kylene Crabb

#50 Cory Cooper


Team 2 – Firemen

John Gagnon – Akron

Cody Hudson – Akron

Corbin Hudson – Akron

Wes Backus – Akron

Jake Gearhart – Akron

Ren Zent – Rochester

TJ DuBois – Rochester

Mike Doran – Rochester

Greg Brazo – Burket

Morgan Brazo – Burket

Kyle Miller – Burket

Dave O’Brien – Burket

Shade Kenney – Burket


Team 3 – Legends (1998-2007 grads)

#20 John Gibson

#24 Dax Snyder

#30 Chelsy Rhoades-Parker

#34 David Lash

#40 JayDee Parker

#42 Rebekah Parker

#44 Craig Kuhn

#50 Trey Eaton

#52 Adam Nelson

#54 Shane Drudge


Team 4 – Young Guns (2008-2017 grads)

#6 Jarred Littlejohn

#10 Ben Shriver

#14 Caylie Teel

#20 Cara Hoffman

#22 Keith Wright

#24 Shane Salyer

#30 Steven Tillman

#32 Nick Kindig

#40 Jacob Ritchey

#54 Jeff Tillman


Below are the grants awarded by the Valley Hometown Fund so far. The organization has awarded a total of $9,500 in grants to school and community groups.

March 2017 ($4,000 Awarded)

  • Fulton County Leadership Academy Group – $1,025 for Picnic Shelter at Akron’s Cutshall Park
  • Akron Fourth Grade Teacher Chris Rassi – $650 to Purchase Graphic Novels for Classroom
  • Tippecanoe Valley High School’s T’s Boutique – $950 to Purchase a Closet Organizing System, Rolling Garment Racks, Bi-fold Doors with Mirrors for Changing Area, a Garment Steamer, and an Area Rug
  • Jack & Jill Preschool – $1,375 to Purchase Furniture for their New Classroom at the Burket Educational Center

April 2016 ($3,000 Awarded)

  • Mentone Elementary School Leveled Library – $450 for Leveled Books
  • Mill Creek Missionary Church – $250 for Tippecanoe Valley Miracle Tree
  • Akron Park Board – $458 for Paw Print Park
  • TVHS Special Education Prom Fund – $934 for TVHS Special Education Prom
  • TVHS Young Entrepreneurs Club – $583 for TVHS Young Entrepreneurs Club
  • Akron Elementary Kindergarten Program – $325 for Choice Time Materials/Equipment

May 2013 ($2,500 Awarded)

  • Akron Youth League – $440 for Lighting & Facility Needs
  • Tippecanoe Valley Boomerang Backpacks – $350
  • TVHS American Studies Class – $710 for Fourth Grade Pioneer Day & Prill School Visits
  • Helping Hands – $550
  • Tippecanoe Valley Literacy Framework Committee – $450 for Little Free Libraries


To make a donation to the Valley Hometown Fund, visit the Northern Indiana Community Foundation website or make a check payable to:

Northern Indiana Community Foundation

715 Main Street   P.O. Box 807

Rochester, IN 46975

*Be sure to put “Valley Hometown Fund” in the notes section.


For updates, follow the Valley Hometown Fund on Facebook.

Brandon Kresca named new TVHS assistant principal

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The Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation board of trustees officially named Brandon Kresca the new assistant principal of Tippecanoe Valley High School at the February 12th board meeting.

Kresca comes to TVHS from Grissom Middle School in the Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation where he has taught 8th grade language arts since 2012.

“Brandon is a perfect fit for TVHS because of his passion for kids and all things education. He is a true professional and an even better person. He has a proven track record as a coach, educator and leader,” said TVHS Principal Chad Cripe.

Kresca is a 2008 graduate of New Prairie High School. He earned his bachelor’s degree in English education from Purdue University in 2012 and his master’s degree in education and school administration from Bethel College in April 2017.

“I’m very excited to be a part of this community. I hope to do great things with Mr. Cripe, the staff and the students. I really look forward to that and thank them for the opportunity,” said Kresca.

TVSC Superintendent Brett Boggs said Kresca is a talented young educator with outstanding leadership qualities.

“He listens well and values the ideas and input of others. Mr. Kresca’s passion for public education, his willingness to go above and beyond for the betterment of students, and his strong personal integrity and character will make him an outstanding addition to our staff,” said Boggs.

Kresca’s first day at TVHS will be Monday, February 19th. He replaces Jon Hutton, former TVHS assistant principal, who took a teaching position at the beginning of the second semester that was left vacant from a medical leave.

VALLEY INSIGHT: Students Heading to College – Control Your Own Financial Future

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Written by Chris Treber, guest author and parent

Not long ago, the prospect of living in Mom and Dad’s basement after college made students cringe. These days, whether by necessity or as a result of financial savviness, students find themselves staying in the nest while they attend school close to home or moving back in with their parents following college graduation – a new reality caused by the growing burden of student loan debt.

The statistics are bleak. Student loan debt is the second highest consumer debt in America. According to the Institute for College Access and Success, Indiana college students graduated with an average of nearly $30,000 worth of debt in 2016. More than 1 in 10 students default.

Sadly, students are often unprepared for this burden upon graduation. I saw this first-hand during the five years I spent as a financial aid director, and there are a few things I want students to know.

First, be your own financial advocate. Take ownership of your personal finances, including financial aid. I’d often hear phrases like, “But no one told me!” or “I didn’t know I owed that much!” Hard lessons are learned because students either fail to pay attention, aren’t accountable for their own choices, or they fail to ask questions. The financial aid office is there to administer aid and provide a resource for students and parents during the financial aid process. They are not financial advisors, and they typically won’t hold your hand. Students who are informed and engaged in their financial well-being early on are more prepared for life after college.

Second, every dollar counts. A dollar paid is a dollar you don’t have to borrow. Likewise, every dollar you borrow must be repaid – with interest. The more you contribute toward your tuition in cash and scholarships, the more you’ll save in interest long-term. It’s worth working 10-15 hours per week to supplement your tuition or living expenses if your schedule allows. Avoid credit cards for anything other than to establish credit and always pay the full balance each month.

Finally, don’t wait until junior or senior year to start working with the career services department. Visit career services freshman year to explore not only part-time job opportunities, but internships and job shadows that will build relevant experience. Career services is an incredible resource often used too late. Start early to boost your resume and, potentially, your earning power upon graduation. Statistics show that students who effectively work with career services are more likely to gain full-time employment post-graduation.

Here’s the bottom line, students: don’t be financially illiterate. You are in control of your own financial future, not your parents. You have to put in the work. There are plenty of great podcasts and blogs specifically geared toward millennial saving, budgeting, and investing. Taking just 30 minutes per week to learn about financial topics can save you thousands and keep you out of Mom and Dad’s basement – or at the very least, get you out a little faster, with more money in your pocket.

Valley Insight is a recurring monthly article written by administrators on a variety of topics related to education and the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation. Articles will be posted to the district’s website and also shared with the local media.


Akron Elementary hosting blood drive Feb. 16

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Akron Elementary School is partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive through its Pint-Size Hero program.

The blood drive will be held at the Akron Elementary School gymnasium on Friday, February 16th, from Noon to 6 p.m. Students will have the opportunity to show leadership and help save lives by recruiting blood donors for our upcoming blood drive. Each student who recruits one presenting donor will receive an American Red Cross medal.

There are two ways to schedule your appointment:

1. Visit www.redcrossblood.org and use the sponsor code: akronelem

2. Make your appointment on the American Red Cross Blood Donor smartphone app. You can also register by texting BLOODAPP to 90999.  If you have any questions, please contact the Akron Elementary Office at (574) 598-2367.

10th annual Burket Educational Center chili cook-off a success

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The 10th annual Burket Educational Center chili cook-off was held on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018.

This year the school had seven amazing chili soups that were all unique and wonderful! The contestants who vied for the title were: Mrs. Angie Sroufe, Mrs. Linda Tucker, Mrs. Meagan Wilks, Mrs. Sharon Kindig, Mr. Jon Ekhoff, Mr. Dan James and Mr. Micah Lukens.


The results are in and are as follows:

5th Place with 6 votes, Mr. Ekhoff

4th Place with 11 votes, Mrs. Wilks

3rd Place with 15 votes, Mrs. Tucker

2nd Place with 17 votes, Mrs. Sroufe

2018 Champion with 19 votes, Mrs. Kindig

Also, our honored judges, Mr. Boggs, Mrs. Surface and Coach Patrick also picked Mrs. Kindig to win their award. Congratulations to Mrs. Kindig on her fine work! She will have name engraved on the school plaque for all posterity.

February Health Tip from Kosciusko Community Hospital

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As part of the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation’s ongoing partnership with Lutheran Health Network Kosciusko Community Hospital, each month we share a health tip with our parents and staff. This month’s tip is about maintaining a healthy heart.

A link to a free heart health assessment can be found here: http://lutheranhealth.staywellsolutionsonline.com/Search/42,CoronaryArteryDiseaseMRA

More information about the partnership between KCH and TVSC can be found here: http://tippecanoevalleyschools.com/tippecanoe-valley-and-lutheran-health-network-kch-announce-10-year-partnership/

TVHS band students excel at Indiana Solo and Ensemble Contest

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Tippecanoe Valley High School is congratulating the following students for their performances at the Indiana Solo and Ensemble contest on Saturday, January 27th.

Bradly Caudill took home a silver medal, while Quintin Allen, Dakota Prater and Jacob McDonald all received gold medals.  McDonald also earned a perfect score on his drum set solo and is now headed to the state contest on February 24th for both drum set and snare drum. The boys are led by and Tippecanoe Valley Band Director Janell Riner.

Pictured left to right are Quintin Allen (Grade 10), Jacob McDonald (12) , Dakota Prater (12), and Bradly Caudill (9)

Adult education classes offered at Tippecanoe Valley schools

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The Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation is offering adult education classes at various school sites now through March.

Courses offered include canvas painting, first aid and CPR certification, high school equivalency test training and a series on nutrition. The classes are open to the public for a cost, or for free depending on the class. Here is the schedule of classes offered:


CPR/First Aid Classes

Date: March 6, 13, and 20

Time: 6 to 9 p.m.

Location: Tippecanoe Valley High School

Cost: $35

Details: Take this class to get certified or re-certified in first aid and CPR. Participants will also learn about automated external defibrillators and emergency first aid for gunshot wounds. Participants must attend all three classes to be certified. Call Debbie Johnston or Jeff Shriver at (574) 598-2100 to register or for more information.


Rustic Bouquet Canvas Painting

Date: March 28

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Mentone Elementary School. Enter through the back of the building at door J.

Cost: $18

Details: Register at http://www.happypaintbrush.com by clicking the event calendar and event date.

Call or text Karla Hayden at (574) 268-4977 with questions.


Creating a Wooden Welcome Sign

Date: April 25

Time: 6 to 8 p.m.

Location: Mentone Elementary School. Enter through the back of the building at door J.

Cost: $25

Details: Register at http://www.happypaintbrush.com by clicking the event calendar and event date.

Call or text Karla Hayden at (574) 268-4977 with questions.



Zumba and Yoga Classes

Date: Wednesday evenings beginning Feb. 5

Time: Zumba is from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and yoga is from 6:45 to 7:45 p.m.

Location: Bell Memorial Public Library in Mentone

Cost: $3 per person, per class

Details: Contact Eva Mudd on Facebook or by emailing [email protected] for more information.


Nutrition Class Series

Date: March 15, 22, and 29

Time: 6 to 7:15 p.m.

Location: Tippecanoe Valley High School – Family and Consumer Science room

Cost: $10 to cover cooking demonstrations and food sampling

Details: Is it time to achieve a healthy lifestyle? Come to these sessions for three weeks and you’ll learn how to take the first step to achieving a healthy way of life. Join Nancy Hudson, HHS Extension Educator, as she uncovers “three easy bites” to better health.

Session 1 – Start with Breakfast – Thursday, March 15, 2018
Many of us skip out the door in the morning with nothing for our body to use as fuel. Learn how to make breakfast simple, quick and healthy.

Session 2 – Snack Right – Thursday, March 22, 2018

When we are hungry we reach for the quickest, most convenient food to satisfy our hunger. Strategize on ways you can snack in a healthy way that won’t add calories to your plan and sabotage your healthy goals.

Session 3 – Enjoy a Healthy Plate – Thursday, March 29, 2018

Adults of all ages have different nutrition and physical activity needs as their lives and bodies change. A strong and healthy body can provide many benefits. Maintaining healthy habits is an important way to lower your risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. This session will help you create a healthy eating plan.


HSE/GED Classes

Date: Monday and Wednesday evenings (ongoing)

Time: 6 to 9 p.m.

Location: Akron Elementary School

Cost: Free

Details: This class helps people learn the skills necessary to complete his or her HSE/GED certificate.

Contact Debbie Johnston by calling (574) 598-2100 to register or for more information.


Open Weight Room

Date: Tuesday and Thursday evenings now through March 29

Time: 5 to 7 p.m.

Location: Tippecanoe Valley High School – Enter through door 8

Cost: Free

Details: Elliptical equipment and free weights are available for people to use.