L to R: Wade Jones, Jenny Lozano, Tiffany Bullington, Bryauna Clodfelter, and Shelby Olivarez)

Fifth grade students at Mentone Elementary recently rolled up their sleeves to help out their community.

Friday, November 4th, was the school’s inaugural “Be a Good Neighbor Day.” Nearly 75 students went to several homes throughout Mentone to help rake leaves for elderly residents or for people who needed some extra assistance with household chores.

“We would like to increase our involvement in our community. Sometimes as an elementary school it’s hard to come up with things that 10 and 11-year-old children can do,” said Principal Randy Dahms.

Dahms worked with fifth grade teachers to help organize the community service day. He hopes to expand it to more grade levels working on different service projects in the future.

“This is a good opportunity to really do something for your neighbors and your community. That was really the purpose behind it. Our goal is to try to teach our students to be civic minded,” said Dahms.

The kids were split into six different groups. Half of the groups went around to different homes on a bus provided by the corporation while the other half worked at homes within walking distance around the school. Four parents also volunteered their time lead the groups and help rake leaves.

“The weather was beautiful. The kids had a good time and I think we got a lot of good work done,” said Dahms.