Tippecanoe Valley Middle School has been recognized by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) for the success of its Catch-Up Café, a program which ensures that students are completing their homework. As a nod to Indiana’s bicentennial, the IDOE has selected “200 Promising Practices” that are happening in Indiana’s schools; one of these is the Catch-Up Café, where students spend their lunch time eating and working on any missing assignments they have. While Catch-Up Café attendance is mandatory if a student has missing work, many students appreciate the café for helping them improve their grades and get themselves back on track. Since the Café was implemented last year, both the number of students failing classes and attending summer school has decreased, and students are more accountable for the completion of their homework.

The recognition of the Catch-Up Café by the IDOE and Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz means a lot to Tippecanoe Valley Middle School. Principal Scott Backus is especially proud of the Café. “We have worked hard at TVMS to look at our total curriculum.  While we have put the Café in place to help with student accountability, we are also looking at the quality of work being assigned and the skill needs of our students.  Working to eliminate “busy work” and holding kids accountable for the work we do assign is critical to our school improvement plan.  The Café is based on an idea we saw at another school.  We adopted it and tweaked it to make it fit our needs at TVMS.  We are not satisfied that it is the only answer to our students’ success, but it is one tool that we can use to help.  Our goal is 100% completed work for the year.  The Café is helping us get there.”

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